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Fender Vibrolux 5F11 1956

1956 is the first year that Fender put Tremolo in their amps. It is a bias vary tremolo and uses a fixed bias for the power tubes.

I got the amp with a massively heavy Altec Lansing speaker. Did the proper recapping.

The amp cabinet is in remarkably good shape for all of the years on it. The handle is a home made replacement.

no picture available

The power and output transformers are replacements and are from the same month for a 1972 Deluxe.

The Altec has been replaced with a reissue Jensen P10R. This is the only amp that I have found these reissue Jensen speakers to sound good in. Only 10W, but with a Rangemaster clone pedal, it can more than keep up with a Tweed Deluxe. Great sounding amp.

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