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Fender Champion 600 1952

This is a 1952 two tone Fender Champion 600. About 5 Watts of Class A power into a six inch speaker. Amp is in great shape for its age.

Rear view.

Top view. Original Triad power transformer. Amp is a Class A design with a 5Y3 rectifier, a 6V6GT power tube and a 6SJ7 octal pentode as a preamp tube.

Output transformer was bad . sent to be rewound. A Mercury Magnetics Tone Clone has been substituted. Electrolytic have been replaced as well as one resistor. The original speaker works but has a tear in the cone . also to be repaired. The Weber six-inch alnico signature series replacement sounds GREAT.

The wax signal capacitors were tested and found to be way out of spec and leaky. They were replaced with Jupiter caps that look similar the paper Astron signal caps of this era. Amp runs very quiet and has a nice sweet smooth tone but gets some really cool nasty overdrive tones when pushed.

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