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Fender Concert 6G12 1960

1960 Concert 6G12 with the "pink" tolex.

The Concert came with the original speakers replaced with Jensen P10R reissue speakers.

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The Jensen reissues just do not have the sonic depth of vintage Jensens. So I replaced them with Weber's Signature 10s bargain basement speakers. Much better tone.

The guts were stock, all that was needed was replacement of the nearly 50 year old electrolytic capacitors.

The Concert came with a replacement generic 2 ohm output transformer. Perhaps someone needed the Triad 45249 for a tweed bassman restoration. The generic OT was replaced with Mercury Magnetics 45249 clone.

Acquired a 45249 output transformer from ebay to replace the Mercury Magnetics 45249 clone in the Concert. Seller said it was originally from a 5F6 Bassman which would date it to 1957. It works fine. Not near as much surface rust as appears in the photo. Rewarding how close the Mercury Magnetics is to the real deal. The '57 is subtly a bit less hi-fi and bright, and a bit smoother.

Comparison of various brown series amp tolex colors. Left to right: '62 Vibrolux brown; November '60 Concert tan; '60 Pro "pink"; 60 super "pink" but had black paint removed.

Amp head in the middle is a blonde 1964 Fender Bassman 6G6B.

Left is cream or light tan Concert. Right is the blonde Bassman head.

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