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Fender Bandmaster 1967 Combo

This is a 1967 Bandmaster chassis restored as a one 12 combo amp. The whole point was to recreate the 1964 AA763 non-reverb Vibrolux; the blackface circuitry version of the brown Vibrolux. JD Newell cabinet in rough blonde with oxblood grill cloth.

Carbon comp resistors and Sozo vintage blue signal caps. Their version of the vintage blue molded and yellow astrons of late 50's and 60's Fender amps. The amp does have a very good blackface era vibe.

Closer view of the input side.

Closer view of the power section.

Topside view. I chose Mercury Magnetics iron for this build. Their transformers do very well at classic Fender tones and feel. Filter capacitors under the doghouse are 20 uF Spragues . very reliable.

Chassis rear view. Ignore the mess.

I really like the Weber Blue Dog speakers in most anything. This is a 50W ceramic magnet version. It is basically their version of the 20/25 W Celestion speakers of the 60's. Fender quit making 40W one 12 combos in '64 (I think) probably because the power was real tough on speakers of the day.

Now this is a combination made in heaven. My creation and a for real 1962 brown Vibrolux . the Vibrolux sports a 50W alnico Blue Dog.

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