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Fender Bandmaster 6G7 1960



I got this chassis as a beat up orphan. No cab.

Someone had attempted some sort of modification. Hole in the chassis and part of the eylet board removed.

Both grid resistors are burned through. Obviously a major problem occurred.

Results of the electrical problems: Changed output transformer from a 1969 bandmaster.

An interesting undocumented feature is the large Astron capacitor on the bass pot. This cap is not seen on the 6G7 or 6G7A layout diagrams. It is shown on the Blonde Twin 6G8 6-pretube layout diagram. On this 6-pretube 6G7, this cap cuts power and makes the amp sound thin (cap on - cap off demonstration sound track). I removed these on both channels. Vibrato and normal channel are of similar volume (comparison sound track).



This chassis was probably in a head. So I decided to restore it as a 3x10 combo. The cab was made by Mark at Ampwares. Dang fine job, too.

Speakers are 1980s(?) custom made Eminence 10's. They are similar to the Copperhead line and sound great in this amp. Fender used 4 ohm output transformers in the real 3x10 combo but I opted for a 2.6 ohm Mercury Magnetics fat stack.

This amp has the sweetest deepest tremolo/vibrato of all of my browns.

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