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Marshall Model 1987 Smallbox

This is a 1970 Marshall 50 Watt model 1987 set up for EL34 power tubes. Pretty good shape but has replaced output transformer (which is why I could afford it).

Black bat switches are intact.

Shot of rear showing flaws in the tolex and a plugged hole to the right of the mains.

Chassis front.

Chassis rear. Main electrolytic capacitor cans have been replaced.

Chassis top. Laydown mains and open-framed choke. Pre tubes are Sovtek for the time being. The EH power tubes were not well matched and were replaced with Siemens (RFTs).

Gut shot power section. Non printed board wiring. Interesting (to me) that the bias adjust is a slide style variable resistor.

Gut shot input section. Bias electrolytic capacitors replaced.

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