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Fender Princeton 5F2A from Weber Kit

This is Weber VST's take on a Fender Princeton 5F2A. Cool one 6V6GT single ended design. Weber uses a 10 inch speaker vs the typical 8. I ordered their beefy 10F150 Jensen style ceramic for more headroom and to keep the lows tighter. Weber speakers really nail the old Jensen vibe. Idle hands during the stay-at-home era.

This is the kit. Nice cabinet and robust chassis. I used Mercury Magnetics OT and PT. I prefer not to deal with jack of all trades trannies AND Mercury's fender OT's while a bit brighter really capture the Fender tweed feel.

I used F&T filter capacitors and Sozo signal capacitors. Also used vintage glass including a nice Tung Sol USA 5881 power tube instead of the 6V6GT.

Rear view assembled. The amp is a very loud and clean 5W tweed but gets real nasty when you tell it to. Very pedal friendly and loves that nasty Dallas Rangemaster that I built. Harp players love tweed Princetons.

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