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Fender Pro 5A5 1951

1951 Fender 5A5 Pro Amp with original tweed but later tweed speaker cloth.

The amp is a 5A5 model with the Jensen F15N field coil speaker in good working order.

The output transformer is mounted directly to the speaker frame. Preamp tubes are all octal 6SC7's and are surprisingly low on microphonics.

The field coil uses an electromagnet rather than a permanent magnet. High voltage B+ is tapped from the rectifier tube and run inside of the speaker bell.

Close up of the speaker bell decal.

The output transforemer is an 1846, normally found on the 5C3 series.

All electrolytics and some signal capacitors have been replaced.

Close up of the power section.

Close up of the preamp section.

The power transformer is a replacement, done some time ago. The correct power transformer should be a 6516.

Top view. Silk screening was a bit overcleaned.

Nice looking amp especially for it's age.

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