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Marshall JTM 45/100 Super

This is a 1966 Marshall JTM45/100 Super Amp. The beast that Hendrix played at Monterrey and Clapton used on Fresh Cream.

Four KT66 power tubes ... puts out 80-100 Watts. Very clean and lots of dynamics, smooth with no ear piercing high midrange ... tho you could probably dial that in if you want it. Plenty of thump! Easy amp to be in the room with even full out.

The original plexi face plate has a bit of wear.

Choke and output transformers have been replaced. Obviously somebody blew it up at some point. Power transformer is an original 1204-43 Drake that puts 520V to the plates of the power tubes at 100-110V line voltage. Replacement output transformer is by Merrin Audio and is considered the best reproduction around.

Aluminum chassis with aluminum block ends.

Power section. New RIFA electrolytic capacitors.

Electrolytic capacitors on the board have been replaced. The mustard signal caps are all original and date to the fourth quarter of 1966.

Truly a magnificently sounding beast.

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