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Fender Super 5G4 1960

Cool early 1960 center volume super amp 5G4. Someone paint it black.

Original speakers have been replace with Weber 10F125 speakers.

Transformers are original. New filter caps and The GT tubes soon to be vintage glass.

no picture available

Chassis and front plate are in clean good shape. However two RCA jacks were added to the rear panel. One in the "pulse control" spot and one in a new drilled hole. Never hooked up.

Fender's first runs of the brown series had volume on the right of tone controls.

Very clean chassis.

Like my Brown Pro this amp also has extra caps on the bass pot not shown on layout diagrams. They do not affect tone and power as they did on my 6-pretube Bandmaster and Super.

1960 Fender 5G4 with the black paint removed. Grill cloth still painted black.

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