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Marshall Bluesbreaker Reissue

This is a 1990 narrow cab Marshall 1962 Reissue combo. The amp is called the Bluesbreaker because Eric Clapton used one in classic recording sessions with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. Marshall had made some "improvements" to the original design so I wanted to return it to the original specs.

First changed out the stock Celestion greenbacks for a pair of Weber Bluedog 15W speakers. This speaker is Weber's attempt to recreate the sound of the original Celestion alnicos of this period.

The original board was removed and a vintage style board constructed by Ray Domzalski, complete with mustard caps was installed.

Marstran transformers were installed along with vintage glass and British KT-66 output tubes.

I like to use this amp with a vintage style Avatar 2x12 closed back cab loaded with the Celestion greenback speakers original with the reissue.

Unless indicated otherwise, all photographs are by Andrew Leslie.
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