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Fender Champion 600 Reissue Rebuild

This is Fender's Champion 600 Reissue. Cool two-tone cosmetics just like the originals. But that is where the similarity ends.

This is more like a black face champ than any of the tweeds but with solid state rectification. Original Champion 600s were true point to point with an octal pentode preamp. I had modded this amp to be more like a tweed by removing the feedback, bypassing the tone stack and adding in a Weber speaker. Sounded much much better.

The owner decided that he wanted better components and tube rectification. After some A-B-ing of octal and 9-pin preamps, he preferred the more aggressive 9-pins (and one less hole to mod). Decided to keep the original switch and power supply. So far so good. All of this was inspired by P-Dawg's Judybox II rebuild.

Hole cut for the 6V6GT Power tube. Replaced indicator light assembly. Moved the speaker jack and installed the fuse assembly in that hole after enlarging.

Topside. Hopefully the tubes will clear the bell in the alnico speaker.

All point to point . the three-hole tag board made things a bunch easier. I obviously don't have a very artistic eye for making things look really neat and elegant.

Closer look at the power side. This is basically a 5E1 circuit without the choke and without the feedback loop and without the 25/25 V1 bypass capacitor.

I like these red Jupiters. They do seem to have that early tweed vibe nailed. The preamp is remarkably quiet considering winging it on wire routing.


The JAN Philips 5Y3 easily clears the speaker bell. Taller rectifiers like the Sovtek will not. This amp simply sounds great. Nasty little bugger but cleans up nice.

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