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Leslie 120 Hammond Organ Speaker Cabinet

This was a gift from a friend. It had been sitting in a barn for awhile during separation and divorce proceedings. It seems some of the local field mice thought it would be a cool place to live.

It's a Leslie Model 120 unpowered cabinet. No amp, no rotating horns, just a down firing twelve inch speaker and a two speed rotating drum below.

This view is after cleaning out loads of mouse pooter, assorted nesting materials and carcasses. Wonderful smelling mouse urine throughout. The speaker is shot.

The drum is chewed on a bit but in decent shape and rotates fine.

The motors are OK and work fine, the junction box is a bit corroded but innards are fine. I pulled everything apart, cleaned and reassembled.

Lots of mouse urine to clean up.

Replaced the original Jensen with a 50W Weber California.

Looks nice and sounds even better. I power it with an orphaned 1978 Fender Silverface Pro chassis. For some reason this is a favorite of our cats!

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