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Marshall 1960B Cabinet

This is a Marshall basketweave 1960B cabinet from 1971 with nine-inch logo ... with a 1967 JMP 50W plexi sitting on top. The early seventies were a transition year from basketweave to checkerboard (left portion of picture) grill cloth, and with Celestion being bought by Rola. Nothing quite sounds like an old 4X12.

Cabinet rear view. The '67 JMP is a tube rectified version.

Original input cup and tags.

Rear panel is particle board instead of plywood. Something Marshall switched to during 1971.

Center post is 2X4 versus a 2X2 in later cabinets. Speakers are 16 ohm pre-Rola greenback 25W Celestions dating to January 1971. Three have Pulsonic 003 cones one is a probably a recone with 444 cone.

T1221 frames and 75Hz resonance.

The twins ... sure can raise a little heck with this setup. On left is a 1967 blackflag plexi JTM50 sitting on top of a 1960AX cab with Weber Silver Bells and 1230-55's.

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