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Drew's passion is music and restoring old beat up vintage amplifiers to players condition. He might even be willing to sell some of these although he's having a hard time parting with them once completed.

The list to the left and below shows what he's accomplished so far. Have a look and feel free to send an e-mail with your comments.

Fender Bandmaster 6G7 1960 Started out as a beat up orphaned chassis. Probably was a head, but was restored as a 3x10 combo.


Fender Bandmaster 1967 ComboThis is a 1967 Bandmaster chassis restored as a one 12 combo amp, a recreation of the 1964 AA763 non-reverb Vibrolux.


Fender Bassman 1958 An orphaned chassis restored to the form that inspired Jim Marshall's amps and fueled the British invasion.


Fender Champion 600 1952This is a 1952 two tone Fender Champion 600. About 5 Watts of Class A power into a six inch speaker. Amp is in great shape for its age.


Fender Champ 5D1 1954This is a 1954 Fender Wide Panel Champ 5 Watt Amp


Fender Champ 5D1 1955This is a 1955 Fender Wide Panel Champ 5 Watt Amp


Fender Concert 6G12 19601960 Concert 6G12 with the "pink" tolex.

Fender Deluxe 1951 Sweet octal sound. Someone had painted it black.

Fender Deluxe 1965 Great little amp. Clean and all stock.

Fender Deluxe Reverb 1965An orphaned chassis restored with a JBL D120.

Fender Pro 5A5 1951 Field coil speaker, original tweed but later tweed speaker cloth

Fender Pro 5G5 1960 Nice clean early 1960 brown pro

Fender Super 5G4 1960 Early 1960 center volume super amp. Painted black (grill cloth too) by some bozo.

Fender Super 6G4 1960 Later 1960 traditional volume knob placement. Orphaned chassis restoration.

Fender Super Reverb 1964 Classic 1964 holy grail of blackface tone.

Fender Vibrolux 5F11 1956First year of tremolo in Fender amps.

Fender Vibrolux 6G11A 1962One 12, 6L6 power, brown bias vary vibrato, tone machine.

Fender Bassman 5F6A HatcherRon Hatcher Tweed Bassman Kit. Mojo cabinet -- very nice.

Fender Bassman 6G6 BuildBuild of a Fender 6G6 Blond Bassman. The blond bassman was made famous by Brian Setzer whose model of choice is the solid state rectified 6G6B circuit.

Fender Champion 600 Reissue RebuildThis is Fender's Champion 600 Reissue. Cool two-tone cosmetics just like the originals. But that is where the similarity ends.

Fender Deluxe 5E3 WeberThis was my first Weber kit. Really nice cabinet.

Fender Princeton 5f2A WeberThis is Weber VST's take on a Fender Princeton 5F2A. Cool one 6V6GT single ended design. Weber uses a 10 inch speaker vs the typical 8. I ordered their beefy 10F150 Jensen style ceramic for more headroom and to keep the lows tighter. Weber speakers really nail the old Jensen vibe. Idle hands during the stay-at-home era.

Fender Super 5F4 WeberThe Weber 5F4 Kit came with a solid, great looking cabinet. This is my main gigging amp.

Marshall Bluesbreaker Reissue Can't afford a real one of these either so I retroed a 1990 narrow cab reissue to original specifications.

Marshall JTM 45/100 SuperThis is a 1966 Marshall JTM45/100 Super Amp. The beast that Hendrix played at Monterrey and Clapton used on Fresh Cream.

Marshall JTM 50 Black FlagThis is one of the rare JTM50 Watt Black Flag (reverse logo) plexi panel Marshalls. Many of these were tube rectified, this example is diode rectified.

Marshall JMP 50This is a 1967 Marshall JMP 50 Plexi. A 50W tube rectified EL34 model transitional between the typically tube rectified Black Flag JTM 50 and the later solid state rectified 1987 models.

Marshall Model 1960B Cabinet This is a Marshall basketweave 1960B cabinet from 1970 with nine-inch logo ... with a 1967 JMP 50W plexi sitting on top. The early seventies were a transition year from basketweave to checkerboard (left portion of picture) grill cloth and Celestion being bought by Rola. Nothing quite sounds like an old 4X12.

Marshall Model 1987This is a 1974 PCB 50 Watt USA export model set up for 6550 power tubes. My first vintage Marshall.

Marshall Model 1987 SmallboxThis is a 1970 Marshall 50 Watt model 1987 set up for EL34 power tubes.

Marshall JTM45 Build Can't afford a real one of these so I built one.

Marshall Plexi 1987 Hatcher This is a Ron Hatcher kit with Marstran's 128 JTM50 clone output transformer.

Leslie 120 Hammond Organ Speaker Cabinet This is a Leslie Model 120 unpowered cabinet. No amp, no rotating horns, just a down firing twelve inch speaker and a two speed rotating drum below.

Sears Silvertone 1483Bass amp purchased new in 1965

Unless indicated otherwise, all photographs are by Andrew Leslie.
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